Jabra Touch Screens

Posted by -HSP on 8th Nov 2016

Jabra Touch Screens for Telephone Headsets Work Great

Following in the tall wake of smart phones, telephone headsets have finally gone touch screen. Among our new favorites here at Headsets plus, Jabra has released the Jabra 9460 and Jabra 9470, two new state of the art touch screen headsets. There are some good reasons why we think touch screens so great for telephone headsets:

- In general, Jabra Touch Screen Wireless Headsets are very user friendly, removing all the standard little blinking lights that you're used to.

- They take the guess work out of knowing "is my headset on or off" by using a picture icon on the 2x3 LCD screen.

- There is a mute icon that lights up on the base so you always know when you're muted at a glance.

- If you need to change your transmit volume while on a call, you can just press the tool icon and choose Microphone level. No more turning the base upside down and hoping you don’t hang up on your call.

- If you need to conference a second headset for training purposes, Jabra has simplified that too. It tells you on the LCD that it is pairing a secondary headset.

- The easy to use the touch screen allows you to navigate like a cell phone by touching the screen with your finger.

- Easy call management on the touch screen

- The 2x3 LCD screens on the headset base are well lit and very easy to see, read and understand

The Jabra 9460 is one of the smartest Wireless Headsets on the market today, and one our most popular models here at Headsets Plus. With the new school touch screen on the headset base you can easily navigate through setting up your headset to your telephone system, choosing features for your headset and your headset base.

- The Jabra 9460 comes with free software to customize all the features and options on your headset.

- Keeps your headset software updated and it will not become out of date ever!

- Features the SmartSetup Wizard that guides you through the connection process.

- You can take a call from up to 450 feet from your desk.

- Up to 10 hours of talk time on one charge.

- The SafeTone feature counters unexpected spikes in volumes to protect your hearing

- The Jabra 9460 can work on both your desktop telephone and your PC/softphone via a USB cable.

- The Microphone has Noise Blackout technology for the best noise canceling microphone.

- It comes in one speaker or two and can be worn three different ways: Over-the-head, on-the-ear and behind-the-neck (the Neckband is not included in the 9460)

The Jabra 9470 has all the features of the Jabra 9460 except it works on three main applications: desktop telephone, PC/softphone and your mobile phone (tablet too). We currently use the Jabra 9470 here in our offices at Headsets Plus for HeadsetsPlus.com.

- The Jabra 9470 comes with three wearing styles, and the Neckband is included.

- Works on three applications, telephone, PC/softphone and mobile device

- Comes in Mono/one speaker style only

As you can see, the new touch screen technology for telephone headsets is pretty fantastic. The enhanced ergonomic features that a touch screen can provide far exceeded our expectations when we first tried them, and now that there are many high quality professional grade models to choose from like the Jabra 9460 and Jabra 9470, we predict the industry will never look back. You can check out these Jabra touch screen headsets on our website and if you buy one during the month of November, you will receive an additional special HeadsetsPlus $15 discount with Coupon Code: THETOUCH 

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