GN Netcom/Jabra Smart Coil Cord/Direct Connect (7FT)

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Product Overview

The GN1200 Smart cord is the solution to a common problem of not being able to connect headset and telephone. Even though most things have been standardized, the cord connecting the phone with the handset or headset is anything but standard as each telephone manufacturer has its own wiring code. Now, with the universal smart cord, GN1200, the cord will work with virtually any phone providing greater convenience. Available in both straight and coiled versions, the Smart Cord fits virtually all telephones featuring a standard RJ-9 "dedicated headset port" modular connector.


These 8 switch positions and corresponding telephone systems



Jabra GN1200 Switch positionMatching Telephone systemMod jack wiringAmplified microphoneEquivalent GN cable
1 Standard (most common), Including Polycom IP Phones M-, R, R, M+ No 8800-01
2 Cisco IP phones 79xx series R, M-, M+, R No 8800-02
3 Ascom office and Philips phones R, M+, M-, R No 8800-03
4 Japanese phones, NEC , Nitsuko M-, R, R, M+ No 8800-25
5 Plantronics Vista Base R, R, M+, M- No 8800-02
6 Panasonic phones with modular jack M+, R, R, M- Yes 8800-04
7 Nortel digital phones, Shoretel and Avaya IP phones** M-, R, R, M+ Yes 8800-01
8 Avaya Callmaster V and VI, Cisco IP phones 79xx series R, M-, M+, R Yes 8800-02


(No reviews yet) Write a Review