GN Netcom/Jabra 2125 NCTC Telecoil Binaural Headset

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Product Overview

Binaural Headset with Telecoil for special hearing needs, with noise canceling microphone boom, and QD headset connector. Designed for hearing aid wearers who want the benefits of using a headset.  The GN 2125  NCTC Telecoil is equipped with a hearing aid-compatible telecoil fitted to the plain side of the earpiece. It works with all standard telecoil-equipped hearing aids. The telecoil cancels out surrounding background sound while heightening the sound quality from the telephone, giving hearing aid users clearer, crisper phone conversations free from interfering background noise.


For more information, view the product User Manual.

Accessories and Replacements:

Leatherette Ear Cushion      Microphone Foam Cover

          jabra-netcom-ear-cushions.jpg                          microphone-foam-covers.jpg


(No reviews yet) Write a Review