Plantronics Savi S8245 UC, USB-A

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Product Overview

The Savi 8245 UC, USB-A is a convertible headset with unlimited talk time.

Sound your best even in noisy environments with the Savi 8245 UC Series wireless DECT™ headset system. Tune out nearby noise and keep every conversation secure, private, and clear with close conversation limiting noise cancellation. For better productivity, get the freedom to roam from your work space, plus long talk time—the unique hot swappable battery option even makes it unlimited. Keep your ears happy for hours with your favorite wearing style, or mix it up with a convertible model. Wherever you work, the Savi 8245 helps you be at your best all day long.

  • Certified to the official DECT™ Forum security standards
  • Noise canceling microphone with close conversation limiting
  • Latest DECT™ technology supports wideband audio without impacting user density
  • Line of sight range up to 590 feet/180 meters
  • Choice of wearing styles, including the 3-in-1 convertible options(S8240/S8245)
  • Unlimited talk time with the Savi 8245 model
  • Connect only to your PC soft phone or desk phone (via a USB port)
  • Conference up to 4 headsets onto a single base
  • Voice alerts for mute and out of range status

For more information, view the product User Manual.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review