Plantronics HL10 Lifter, Straight Plug

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Product Overview

This Plantronics Handset Lifter is compatible with the latest versions of wireless headset systems. IE: CS540,CS530,CS520,CS510 Series & Savi W740,W730,W720,W710 Series.

Key Features:

  • Automatically lifts handset and returns it to the cradle
  • Enables remote or one touch call answer/end with your Plantronics wireless headset (it does not work with Plantronics corded headsets)
  • Compatible with most standard desktop phones
  • Fast operation
  • Provides Remote ring detection with a low tone* triple beep in your wireless headset when you receive an incoming call


* Please note the volume of notification beep in the headset cannot be altered, it will always be a low tone triple beep

Note: If you need to press a line (button) to answer the phone, the HL10 will not work with your phone system. Now the HL10 includes the Nortel Ring Sensor Kit (63014-01)

IMPORTANT: Nortel phone models M7100-M7900, M3901-M3905 and others require optional part #63014-01 for proper operation. Phone models T7208 and T7316 do not require part #63014-01.


For more information, view the product Fact Sheet.


Accessories and Replacements:

Plantronics HL10 Extension Arm, Ring Detector kit




(No reviews yet) Write a Review