Plantronics APN-91 EHS (for CS500, Savi, & NEC)

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Product Overview

The APN-91 Electronic Hook Switch is compatible with the Plantronics  CS500 series and Savi Series for NEC DT series phones, including NEC DSX 34B BL, DSX 34B FDX, DTR Series (DTR 8, DTR 8D, DTR 16D, DTR 16LD, DTR 32D) , DTH Series (DTH 8, DTH 8D, DTH 16D, DTH 16LD, DTH 32D), DTL series (DTL 12D, DTL 24D, DTL 8LD, DTL 32D), DT 330, DT 730 and DT 750


(No reviews yet) Write a Review