Plantroncis APS-11 EHS Cable (for Aastra & Siemens)

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Product Overview

The Plantronics APS-11 Electronic Hook Switch can be used in place of the Plantronics HL10 Remote Lifters.  It works on these Plantronics Wireless Headsets: Plantronics CS500 Series: CS540,CS530,CS520,CS510. Savi Series: W740,W730,W720,W710, WO100,WO200,WO300,WO350.

The APS-11 EHS is compatible with these telephones.

Aastra: 6739i,6753i,6755i,6757i,6757iCT,6771,6773,6775,6773IP,6775IP,5370,5380,5370IP,5380IP

Siemens: Optipoint 410,Optipoint 420,Optipoint 500,Optipoint 600,OpenStage 40,OpenStage60.OpenStage 80

NOTE: This APS-11 EHS adapter requires an initial "wake up" by pressing the headset button on the phone.  This is a one time "wake up" unless the product is disconnected.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review