Jabra BIZ 2300-USB Duo

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Product Overview

THe Jabra BIZ 2300-USB Duo headset is built to survive in high-performing office environments.  Its lightweight and unobtrusive and is made to be worn all day.  THe BIZ 2300-USB delivers vibrant, lifelike conversations.

  • FREESPIN:  You can rotate the boom arm 360 degrees without the risk of breaking it.
  • HD VOICE/WIDEBAND AUDIO:  HD Voice lets you have lifelike, vibrant conversations. You won't have to struggle to hear what the other person is saying.
  • NOISE-CANCELLING MICROPHONE:  NC reduces unwanted background noise and is ideal in noisy open office environments.
  • PEAKSTOP:  Instantly removes any harmful loud sounds before they even reach your ears.  This keeps the sound level in the safe range.
  • KEVLAR:  Cords are built to last and reinforced with Kevlar.  They're extremely durable and will take most daily punishment.
  • AIR SHOCK MICROPHONE:  Having the mic close to your mouth can cause unwanted breathing noise.  To reduce this, Jabra has designed the mic with many small holes and placed a layer of foam on the inside.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review