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Product Overview

Headsets Plus proudly presents another quality headset product! Jabra Motion Office UC Bluetooth Wireless Headset is a wireless headset for all your communication needs.  It features multiple telephone connectivity (desk phone, PC, and cell phone), You can connect to all your phones with the same wireless headset. Switch the conversation from your desk phone or VoIP softphone to your mobile phone and continue on the same phone call as you walk out the door to your car.


  • TRIPLE CONNECTIVITY: Desk phone, PC and mobile.
  • CLASS 1 BLUETOOTH:  (up to 300' of wireless range)
  • EIGHT HOURS TALK TIME:   Standby time is up to 360 hours.
  • BUILT IN MOTION SENSOR:  Technology turns the headset on when you put it on your ear or if you are already wearing the headset, you can accept or reject a call by using your voice.
  • NOISE BLACKOUT:  Noise Cancelling features that eliminate background noise.
  • POWER NAP MODE:  You can now leave your headset in the car or on your desk for days and still have it ready when you are. Device will automatically go into sleep mode when inactive.
  • SAFE TONE TECHNOLOGY:  Enchanced hearing protection.  Jabra SafeTone includes Jabra PeakStop and Jabra IntellTone, the hearing protection technology. This technology elimantes harmful loud tones.
  • NFC:  (Near-Frequency Communication)  Makes it easy for your Jabra device to connect with mobiles and tablets.
  • VOICE CONTROLS:  With voice commands you can answer/reject a call, check battery status and connectivity.
  • WIND NOISE PROTECTION:  This enables you to keep out wind interference in your conversations


(No reviews yet) Write a Review