Headsets Plus Launches The Headsets Helpline


There are many differences between Professional Grade and Consumer Grade Headsets. Here at HeadsetsPlus, even though we support every headset available on the market today, we only promote Professional Grade headsets to our customers. Why? There is a long list to support our decision.

Professional Grade Headsets feature:

Professional Grade headsets typically offer more efficient noise cancellation, a clearer, higher quality microphone, along with high performance sound quality. With a consumer grade headset you never know how they will sound to you, or to those you speak with.

Ergonomic design, user friendly technology, and user-friendly documentation are big features for professional grade headsets. They will typically fit better, especially when you're moving around the office, and they won't make your ear or head hurt over time. Consumer grade headsets aren't typically designed for enhanced comfort, they're designed to be cheap.

Higher quality materials and longer replacement warrantees also come with professional grade headsets, while the consumer grade can't withstand being dropped, or the cords short out after a short time of use, the pro grade will live on. In addition, some of the newest consumer grade headsets come with batteries pre-installed, and these batteries cannot be changed, requiring headset replacement. This is something that we cannot recommend to our customers.

Getting the professional grade headset that works easily with your phone system is easier than consumer grade simply because the professional grade headsets are designed to be more compatible with a wider range of communication equipment, brands and models. You're much more likely to plug it in and it works. Consumers have to be very careful to read the compatibility listed on the product packaging when considering consumer grade headsets.

And then of course there's:

If you're considering buying a consumer grade headset for $39.95 at one of the big box stores like WalMart, Target, or even Amazon, you have little to no control over sound quality, comfort, durability, or compatibility. You have to juggle how much you pay with the features that you like the best. They may all claim they provide all these things listed above, but they don't. You simply get what you pay for.

That's not to say that professional grade headsets are expensive, far from it. Consumers are simply advised to weigh their needs for high quality vs disposable when it comes to the headset industry.

Our Headsets Plus website, www.headsetsplus.com offers a wide range of professional grade headsets from our two favorite brands Jabra and Plantronics. You really can't go wrong with any product you see listed.

To better serve our customers, We will not refer your questions to the manufacturer. We have launched our Headsets Helpline to answer ANY QUESTION you may have about ANY BRAND OR MODEL of headset whether you buy one from us or elsewhere, to ensure you get the right headset easily every time. We care about the products we sell our customers and we are interested in assisting anyone interested in headsets with any questions they may have.

When deciding to purchase either a Professional Grade Headset or a Consumer Grade Headset, your first step is simple, you can visit our website and call our Headset Helpline for any information you need. Headsets Plus will steer you right.